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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • The HCCC Center for Business & Industry (CBI)

      As a result of our global economy and technology, today’s business environment is more competitive than ever, providing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Education — and continuing education – is now essential to succeeding as an individual and as a company in business.

      The HCCC Center for Business & Industry was established to provide our community with the skilled and educated workforce that will allow our area to prosper in today’s global economy. Our CBI is the area leader in developing and delivering classes and programs for individuals and businesses, with separate divisions dedicated to each group:
         •   The HCCC CBI Education/Professional Development Degree Programs division formulates and offers for-credit classes and courses in line with today’s business environment.
         •   The HCCC CBI Corporate Education Services division develops and delivers customized, affordable training for local businesses, community and government organizations and non-profits.

      Training sessions, which may be conducted on-site at the organization’s place of business or here at HCCC, include a vast array of subjects, including workplace literacy, workforce readiness skills, as well as technical, managerial and business skills, interpersonal skills, ESL, foreign languages, computers, blueprint reading, and so much more!

      Give yourself and your business the edge that will help you succeed in business, contact the HCCC Center for Business & Industry! For additional information, call (201) 360-4247 or email.

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