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    Omar Giner

    Omar Giner

    Class of: 1989
    Degree Program: A.A.S., Culinary Arts

    What factors led you to decide to attend Hudson County Community College?
    I attended Hudson because it was close to me and couldn’t afford to dorm as well as the price, I also took a tour of the facility when I was in high school.

    What is your favorite memory of the College, in or out of the classroom?
    Hanging with students at a bar called Jack Millers down the street and B.S. about what we learned that day or what was happening in the industry.

    How did you become interested in Culinary Arts?
    I became interested one day when I attended a job fair I saw food presented in beautiful ways.

    How did your time at HCCC prepare you for your career/ life now?
    I believe the strict no-nonsense education I received molded me to be the leader.

    What is a typical work day for you?
    A typical day for is coming in early taking an inventory of what’s needed as well organizing and supervising the work load.

    What has been the most memorable project/case you have worked on?
    My most memorable event was beating Bobby Flay in a throw down on Food Network in front of family, friends and students from the culinary program and Paul Dillon the dean of the program and my teacher.

    Who are your biggest inspirations that have impacted your work in some way?
    I believe I took something from some of my instructors that I felt impacted me (Chef Bensky showing up to work early in order to get all your things in order not to mention various cooking techniques.) (Chef Kevin O’Malley How to be a professional no nonsense B.S.) ( Mrs. M how to carry yourself with class.) Lessons I use every day.

    What advice would you give to recent HCCC graduates?
    The Dean at the time I was there always had a phrase he would use (“Keep your eye on the Doughnut and not the hole”) and to me it meant things will happen along the way that may detract you from your goals but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

    What advice do you have for those students who are just starting their college career?
    The best advice I can give is sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back before you can move forward.