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    DOCA Future Reboot


    Coordinated by Jeremiah Teipen, HCCC Associate Professor
    August 30 – October 3
    Artist Reception: September 26, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
    Panel Discussion: October 3, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

    The rate of scientific discovery has accelerated at warp speed. Electronic technology is relentlessly creating new virtual spaces, while making objects obsolete. Computer-aided engineering has utilized mathematical algorithms to change everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. Meanwhile, the dark cloud of devastating environmental change looms large. With all these forces at work, it may seem that our current reality is taken straight from science fiction. The future seems closer than ever, and is gaining on us. Whether that future is utopian, dystopian or otherwise may depend on the ability of the arts to make these changes understandable, personal and relatable so that we as individuals can gain the agency to affect our futures.

    Artists have always influenced and have been influenced by their environments, cultures, and societies and, now more than ever, these are interwoven with science, technology, engineering and math. Whether as a process or tool, a critique or a reflection of our society, the artists in this exhibition use science, technology, engineering and math to create art that questions our current trajectory. The work in the exhibition asks viewers to rethink our relationship to these changes in both natural and human-made environments, and to each other. Before we can arrive at any answers, we must first create a path by understanding the questions. Artists include Meng Chih Chiang, Taezoo Park, Mark Ramos, Nooshin Rostami, Jeremiah Teipen, and Yaloo.



    Curated by Ysabel Pinyol, Curatorial Director and Alexandra Fowle, Assistant Curator
    October 13 – November 17, 2017
    Artist Reception: November 17, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

    When focusing on artists of Spanish and Latin American heritage, it is not enough to use blanket terms like “Spanish,” “Hispanic,” or “Latinx” to classify these artists and their work. With geographical and cultural breadth encompassed within what we call Spanish and Latin American “heritage,” it is nearly impossible, and quite irresponsible, to attempt to define all elements often identified with these cultures. However, it is important to understand and celebrate Spanish and Latin American heritage, and examine their roles within American culture. Understanding and celebration often comes in the form of art, and, therefore, Each state of mind is irreducible: Spanish & Latin American Artists offers a lens into how artists living in the U.S. grapple with their roots.

    For the exhibition at Hudson County Community College, artists based at Mana Contemporary New Jersey and Chicago will illuminate diverse ways in which U.S.-based artists allude to their Spanish or Latin American heritage through individualized practice. Each state of mind is irreducible: Spanish & Latin American Artists demonstrates way artists can oscillate between cultures and/or attend to one side of their identity over another. When placed together, the individuality of each artist’s body of work evokes empathy as the exhibition, in all of its sums, reveals cultural complexities that are often veiled by blanket statements.

    Artists include: Candida Alvarez, Daniel Bejar, Matias Cuevas, Maria de Los Angeles, Alejandro Dron, Luciana Lamothe, Alberto Montaño Mason, Leonardo Ramos Moreno, Antonio Murado, G.T. Pellizzi, Javier Placido, Bruno Smith, Ray Smith, Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

    About Mana Contemporary:
    Founded in 2011, Mana Contemporary is dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary art and artists through exhibitions, studio programs, and public programs. Mana’s community network began in New Jersey and has since expanded to include Mana Chicago (2013) and Mana Miami (2015). On the horizon, Mana Contemporary continues to create new partnerships opportunities that explore the intersection of contemporary art, design, new technologies, and music, including collaborations with the Florence Art Academy and the International Centre for Photography. More information can be found at www.manacontemporary.com.

     HCCC Art Department


    December 1 – December 15
    Artist Reception: December 1, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

    HCCC Art Department offers a wide variety of classes in computer and visual arts taught by professional artists living in the New York metropolitan area. HCCC celebrates the artistic talents of our community with a bi-annual exhibition in the Dineen Hull Gallery.

     Catalina Aranguren


    Teacher as Artist celebrates the creativity of educators in Hudson County. Work is on view at both the Journal Square and the North Hudson campus libraries.

    Catalina Aranguren
    September 15 – October 15
    Curated by Michelle Vitale

    Wavering in between third and first worlds, Aranguren’s work explores the relationship between perception and cognition. She doesn’t set out looking for subjects, instead certain textures, shapes, or connections will fascinate her, and in turn she tries to capture that in the moment. Often times, themes are combined in her images. Aranguren’s intent is to force the viewer to explore for more detail, to take a step back and understand the full picture. Perception will depend on the viewer's clues of content and interpretation based on experience.

    Catalina Aranguren has a background in photography, design and metal smithing. She was born in Bogotá, Colombia and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and attended El Instituto de Diseño de Caracas and Spéos Photographic Institute. Aranguren is an advocate for the dual language program in Jersey City public schools and is on the Board of the Jersey City Children's Theater. To learn more about the artist, visit www.argia.photos.

    HCCC Main Library
    71 Sip Ave., Jersey City
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    North Hudson Campus Library
    4800 Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd Floor
    Union City, NJ 07087

     I am Muslim Too Rally


    Brian Lorio
    November 1 – December 1
    Curated by Michelle Vitale

    Photography captures the many moods of our lives. Just a year removed from a historic U.S. election, this collection of photographs captures northern New Jersey and New York City during moments of protest, celebration, and civic engagement. Brian Lorio’s work is not just pictures, his images capture moments when people are the most vulnerable. His goal is for the viewer to understand our world by showing a reflection of who they are.

    Lorio spent the first half of his life in the Midwest and then came to the East Coast to pursue a career as an attorney. He received a Bachelor of Science in Speech at Northwestern University and a law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. After practicing law for nearly two decades, Lorio has transitioned into the world of academia and is currently Humanities Instructor at Hudson County Community College. His photography specializes in documenting civil engagement in urban New Jersey. His images have been published by The New York Times, Dissent Magazine, Lamplighter Magazine and NJBlz’s New Jersey 350th Anniversary: A Photographic Tribute to the Garden State. To learn more about the artist, visit www.bclorio.wixsite.com/bclorio.

    HCCC Main Library
    71 Sip Ave., Jersey City
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    North Hudson Campus Library
    4800 Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd Floor
    Union City, NJ 07087

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